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Monogrammed Hand & Face Towels for 2


Set of 2 face towels and 2 hand towels in pistacchio made of 100% cotton. Versatile for your guest bath and the kitchen, each towel is custom embroidered with your initials in your preferred thread color. This item is made to order.

Materials: 100% Cotton, Imported from Brazi
Color of Towel: Pistacchio 
Color of Embroidery: White, Black, Navy, Yellow, Fuchsia, Red
Inclusions: 2 hand towels and 2 face towels in a set
  • Face Towel: 13" x 13"
  • Hand Towel: 28" x 15.5"
Upon full payment of order, towels will be embroidered in selected color and preferred letter (maximum of 3 per towel only). Embroidery is approximately 1.5"-2" in height.

Differences in actual color may vary due to the limitations of lighting in photography.

We love everything monogrammed, and these especially now I'm a Mrs. Mendezona.