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Work Desk Stationary Bike


Work from home doesn't have to keep you sedentary! Movement helps boost blood and oxygen flow, which improves mood, focus, productivity and resistance.

The Monarc x Viper Work Desk bike was designed to be:

  • ADJUSTABLE IN HEIGHT. Both Desk and Seat can be adjusted to a comfortable height. With the desk adjusted up to 21" inches. 
  • SPACIOUS DESK AREA. Monarc x Viper Stationery Bike provides a desk perfect for your working laptop. It has dimensions of 45 x 35cm. It also comes with a cup holder for your dose of hydration or caffeine.
  • FLOOR GRIPS. Once you've chosen your working spot, you can lock the Stationery Bike in place. You won't need to worry about it sliding while working and working out. 
  • 8-LEVEL RESISTANCE. Challenge your strength and endurance with different levels of resistance that is incorporated into the bike pedals.
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