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Woodland Baby Blanket


Soft and very snuggly, this baby blanket was handcrocheted by the women of Aya's Village, Gawad Kalinga. Designed using a timeless form and medium, it was reinvented to take on a current favorite, the woodland theme. This will definitely be your little one's favorite take-along. Available in other designs, too.

Dimensions: 34 x 34 inches
Colors: Brown, White, Turquoise
Fabric: Acrylic Baby Yarn
Inclusions: 1 blanket, toys not included

All pieces from Milvidas are hand-crocheted by the women of Aya's Gawad Kalinga Village. This provides livelihoods, and brighter futures for their families. Milvidas products are made with love for your home and bring hope to the homes of many mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters.