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Vitro Direct Fire White Casserole with Lid Cookware


From stovetop to tabletop, this ceramic casserole is the perfect piece for your kitchen.

  • VITRO - is a unique material so heat-resistant and durable, can resist rapid temperature variations up to 450'C.
  • SAFE (food safe 100%) by it's material - Vitro ceramic is made of pure and natural material with extremely fine pores, antibacterial, odor and stain free, thus 100% hygienic.
  • DURABLE by its performance - Vitro's resistance means it does not chip, warp, or scratch easily, retaining its shape after years.
  • PRACTICAL by its versatility - Vitro's heat resistance allows it to go from freezer to hob, from oven to table, and from fridge to microwave.
  • ORIGIN - Made in France.
  • One dish to prepare, cook, serve, and store 
  • Use directly on fire, gas, oven or stove
  • Extreme thermal resistance from -40C to 410C
  • Hygienic & non-porous surface
  • Pure white base or see through amber base
  • Transparent glass covers
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
Size & Capacity:
  • 1L Product Size:Diameter- 19cm, Width- 23 cm, Height with Lid- 14cm, Depth- 7cm
  • 1:5L Product Size: Diameter- 19cm, Width- 23.5cm, Height with Lid- 14cm, Depth- 8cm
  • 2L Product Size:
  • 3L Product Size: L-26 W-21 H-12.5cm