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Vervino Sommelier Series: Vervino Limited Edition Set


The limited edition Vervino set is great for wine novices or as a gift to family or friends. Two red wine glasses and two white wine glasses each form a first wine glass set. The Vervino Sommelier Series is a winner of the iF Design Award as well as the Red Dot Design Award.

The wine glass set was put together as part of the Zwiesel Glas campaign "Enjoy - Joy, Laughter, Life" and invites you to share beautiful moments with your loved ones. The high-quality red wine glasses and white wine glasses of the Vervino sommelier series are winners of the iF Design Award as well as the Red Dot Design Award and can be seen on any table. The shapes of the Vervino Bordeaux glasses and Vervino Chardonnay glasses are precisely adapted to the characteristics of the wine varieties. In this way, they help the wine to develop and allow red and white wine to be enjoyed in a way that matches the aromas.

Brand: Zwiesel Glas

Item number: 122202

Height: 236 mm

Material: Dishwasher safe, Tritan Protect, Tritan

2 pcs Bordeaux Wine Glass
2 pcs Chardonnay Wine Glass

Zwiesel Glas, formerly known as Schott Zwiesel, features crystal glasses that are lead free. They are break, chip and scratch-resistant crystal. It also resists etching, clouding and discoloration. All manufactured using patented Tritan titanium technology. With over a hundred and thirty years of experience, indeed Zwiesel Glas manufactures the World's best crystal glass. Made in Germany.