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VertiPlay Wall Toy Enchanted Garden


Hedgehogs and squirrels and birds and bees with cacti and acorns and plants and trees. This garden in a jar is a fun and interactive pretend play with two sets of pieces depicting two seasons – Spring and Autumn. It provides immense potential to create different scenes that will unlock the little one’s imagination to the wonderful possibilities of nature while being educational at the same time. Age Suitability: 2years +

Age Suitability: 1.5 years +



  • 1 Vertiplay only

Product Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 37.5 X 50.5

Box Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 18.6 X 2.9 X 41.2

Weight: .714 g

Color/Variants: None

Materials: Magnetic Sheets

Warranty: None