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Unitea Plastic Teapot Set


Kinto's Unitea line is composed of items with a unified diameter. Jugs, cups, strainers, and lids can be mixed and matched according to your taste.

Unitea is composed of various units made of 3 different materials- heat resistant glass, stainless steel and plastic - and it is applicable for any types of tea and table scenes. The plastic units have been replaced by a new material that is highly transparent and durable. For all ages, genders, and nationalities, UNITEA is a long-standing favorite.

Product Detail

  • 17oz / 500ml
  • 3in x 4.4in H x 5.5in W/ 78 x 100H x 138mm W
  • 24.4oz / 720ml
  • 3in x 5.5in H x 5.8in W/ 78 x 138H x 146mm W

KINTO products are based on Japanese sensible and conscientious ideas to make our lives comfortable. From tabletop to interior accessories, the company strives to create products with clean design driven by smart and functional ideas.