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Thin Breastpads Bundle of 3


Mother-K offers a premium choice in their breast pads. Its extra softness of the cotton cover also gives mothers superior comfort on delicate areas — while the anti-bacterial pads provide a clean environment for baby's feeding. More than this, with its high absorbency & strong fixation, mothers will surely feel comfortable all day long!

  • 1mm ultrathin. No stuffiness due to 1mm thickness of absorbing layer.
  • No Lump. Highly efficient SAP sheet technology prevents from any possible lumps even with large amount of breastmilk.
  • High absorbing ability.
  • Beehive shape of embossing cover increase absorbing power and prevents possible leakage.
  • Light wear. Reduced unnecessary pulp.
  • Fixation power.
  • High quality of adhered face sticks hard to innerwear and does not move up and down but fixed lightly. 

Inclusions: 32 pcs of Thin Breastpads

Box Dimensions (L x W x H):  13.5x7.5x11 cm