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The Scraper Mixer Pro


Mixes and scrapes, so you don't have to. Innovative scraper beater and scraper whisk. Scraper design wipes sides and bottom of the bowl with every turn.

  • Planetary mixing action - replicates mixing done in patisseries and bakeries. 
  • Two bowls to accommodate all baking recipes. 
  • Count up and down timer with pause function. 
  • Full variable electronic speed control from slow kneading to rapid whipping. 
  • Motor protection system - prevents burnout if mixer is overloaded. 
  • Load sensing technology - detect when heavy batters are mixed. 
  • Adjusts power to maintain speed. 
  • Dishwasher safe attachments. 
  • Tilt back and lock down mixer head.
  • Internal cord storage. 
  • Life assist handles. 
  • Die cast metal mixer body. 
  • 4.7L stainless steel bowl.
Warranty: 1 year; 5 years on motor.