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Marmol Stonework

Subtle Wave Irregular Small Marble Tray


This irregular small marble bowl is your perfect eye-catching accessory for storing fruits or serving pastries or appetizers. Can also be used as a trinket, jewelry or candle holder. Do note that each handcrafted piece will have its own unique irregular shape.

Pictured in photo is White marble.

Dimensions: Approximately 5" Width x 10" Length x 1" Height
Color: White
Material: Romblon Marble Stone

All items are made from natural marble stone, and may contain fissures or small pits. These are not product damages, but are a piece's unique character and veining. Actual items delivered may not be exactly as pictured because of the variability of the natural stone's patterns and shades. Marble grains and shades will vary from actual photo due to the handcrafted and individual nature of the marble pieces. If item is readily available, we will deliver within 5-10 working days upon full payment of guests. Otherwise, the item will be made within 21 to 28 days during this 2021 holiday season.