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Stainless Steel Step Bin


Polished with a stainless steel exterior, this step bin helps you minimize waste in your chosen room through its odour proof closure with a non-slip base and a quietly closing lid. Available in three different sizes; prices start at P499.75. The 3-L and 5-L step bins are good sizes for smaller rooms such as powder rooms and guest rooms wherein they can be placed by the toilet or under the sink. The 12-L step bin fits perfectly in busier rooms such as your kitchen or your office.

  • High lid with springs for sanitation purposes
  • Stainless Steel finish to suite your fine trends
  • Foot Pedal for easier dustbin access
3-L Diameter and Height:
  • Inner Bin: 15.0cm, 19.0cm                  
  • Outer Bin: 17.0cm, 26.0cm 

5-L Diameter and Height:
  • Inner Bin: 17.5cm, 20.5cm                  
  • Outer Bin: 20.5cm, 27.5cm 
12-L Diameter and Height:
  • Inner Bin: 25.5cm, 32.5cm                  
  • Outer Bin: 25.5cm, 38.5cm 
Material: Stainless Steel