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Stackable Laundry Box 35L


Do you want more than one laundry bin, but don’t have the space for it? With the Stackable Laundry Boxes you can design your own sorting system. The sturdy boxes have a lid at the top and an opening at the front, making it easy to throw laundry in and take it out again.

  • Ideal to separate your laundry – stackable
  • Easy to load and unload – opening at the front and at the top
  • Compact design – 35 litre capacity
  • Compact storage – can be quickly folded flat when not in use
  • Easy to move – lightweight and sturdy grips
  • Available in several colours for easy separation of the laundry.

  • Depth: 37.0 cm
  • Width: 32.0 cm
  • Height: 44.5 cm
COLORS: Pastel Mint / Warm Red