Rolly Floor Fan


Keep fresh air flowing in your living space with Rolly! Equipped with a high-performance motor, and 5 fan blades that rotate at a higher speed, blowing strong wind, while drawing out stale air.

20 Inch Floor Fan

  • USER-FRIENDLY SPEED ADJUSTMENT KNOB– Change airspeed to Low, Medium, or High using easy rotate adjustment knobs.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE QUIET FAN MOTOR– Enjoy a silent living space that is fully air ventilated, Rolly releases less noise while providing maximum airflow.
  • WIDE FAN HEAD WITH 5 POWER BLADES– with a 20-inch Fan head, equipped with 5 power blades, you can fully enjoy maximum natural-like wind and airflow.
  • EASY CARRY HANDLE– Built-in handle gives easy repositioning and be able to carry it anywhere for leisure, work, and living space.