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RB-30 MKS Bar Fridge


This 3.0 cu ft. personal refrigerator makes great company by your bar, or even the master bedroom. Designed with a top door bin that can holds 5 soda cans as well as a tall bottle rack that can hold three 1L bottles.

  •  3.0 cu.ft Single Door Refrigerator
  •  Top door bin holds 5 soda cans
  •  Tall bottle rack holds three 1L bottle
  •  2 adjustable wire shelvesf
  •  Dimensions : ( h:w:d ) 25 : 17.75 : 20.25 in
The published rate is already inclusive of delivery within Metro Manila. Separate fees apply for delivery in provincial areas.

Dimensions: H 25 x W 18.75 x D 17.5inches
Warranty: 1 year on service, 2 years on parts