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Quantum 12 Qt. Cooler


Keep your beverages and refreshments cool with this handy Igloo Quantum 12-quart cooler. Available in two colors.

  • Convenient and unique dry storage compartment in lid for keys, cell phone, and more
  • Two self-draining cup holders built into lid to keep your drinks handy
  • Integrated pouring channels in liner allow for easy purging of melted ice
  • Molded loops on lid and liner
  • Cool Riser Technology® improves cooling performance by elevating cooler body from hot surfaces
  • Curved back hugs your body for ultimate carrying comfort
  • Vertical profile fits tall bottles and longnecks
Dimensions: 31.51 cm x 29.23 cm x 31.85 cm
Weight: 1.74 kg
Color: Black/Turquoise, Grey/Red
Product Codes: 32273, 32279