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Zwiesel Glas

Pure Cabernet Red Wine Glass Set of 4


The Zwiesel Glas Pure Cabernet glass is designed to give bolder red wines the necessary space to unfold their full flavours. The uniquely shaped red wineglass stands out for its elegant design and superior quality.

Brand: Zwiesel Glas

Item number: H117935

Height: 244 mm

Material: Dishwasher safe, Tritan Protect, Tritan

4pcs Cabernet Red Wine Glass

Zwiesel Glas, formerly known as Schott Zwiesel, features crystal glasses that are lead free. They are break, chip and scratch-resistant crystal. It also resists etching, clouding and discoloration. All manufactured using patented Tritan titanium technology. With over a hundred and thirty years of experience, indeed Zwiesel Glas manufactures the World's best crystal glass. Made in Germany.