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Professional Master 6-Piece Chef`s Kit


This set includes 2 meat knives, 1 pairing knife, 1 ham slicer and 1 groove sharpener.

1 x 6" Meat/Boning Knife
1 x 8" Meat Knife
1 x 3" Paring Knife
1 x 8" Ham Slicer
1 x 10" Grooved Sharpener

6" Meat/Boning Knife: L:29.7cm W:4.3cm H:2.2cm
8" Meat Knife: L:32.9cm W:4.2cm H:1.9cm
3" Paring Knife: L:17.9cm W:2.5cm H:1.5cm
8" Ham Slicer: L:34.7cm W3.8cm H:2.3cm
10" Grooved Sharpener: L:40.8cm W:5.9cm H:3.2cm

Main Functions and Benefits
Knives with stainless steel blades and polypropylene handles.
Sharpener with carbon steel bolster with hard-chrome coating, polypropylene handle and stainless steel ring.
Nylon case.

Recommendations for Use
Cutting and slicing products, hancle with care and keep out of reach childrean.
For a longer life, we recommend thoroughly wiping the pieces after washing, even when a dishwasher is used.
Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with esxixting recycling guidelines.
Certification NSF Certificate - The Professional Line products are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), an organization acknowledged as the main international authority on food safety and hygiene practices.

Weight 1,18 kg