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Premium Baby Bath Tub (Venti Size)


The Sobble Premium Baby Bath Tub-VENTI/BIG size allows you to safely bathe your baby through its marshmallow softness, deep ergonomic design and innovative heat retention feature. You can conveniently maintain desired water temperature with its built-in thermometer at the bottom of the tub. Suitable for 0 to 36 months.

Sobble Premium Baby Bath Tub-VENTI/BIG size also has an adjustable (and detachable) stopper with flexible positioning that allows parents to use both hands when bathing their baby, while baby stays comfortable. 

Suitable for 0 to 36 months, this versatile cushioned tub offer 2 different angles for newborn babies and bigger babies. A drain hole is available, just pull out the stopper to remove the water. The medical grade BIO silicone prevents the growth of moulds from the cushioned bath tub. 

Dimension: 32 inches length x 18 inches widith

  • Marshallow softness: Sobble is not plastic or inflatable material. Touch and feel the difference. It is just like mom's embrace to provide the most comfortable and snuggle feeling.
  • 23 cm longer
  • Easy drain and safety stopper
  • Long lasting heat retention
  • Amazing safety
  • Designed in Finland, made in Korea.