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Pot Scraper, Silicone - Profile Line


Scrapes any cookware surface or bottle clean.Heat resistant (max 280°C/536°F) and no scratches in pots and pans. Ideal for use in non-stick pans and casseroles. Made of durable stainless steel and high-grade silicone plastics and dishwasher proof.

  • Suitable for all kind of pots, pans, bowls, etc
  • No damage and scratches in non-stick pans, woks and casseroles – flexible, heat-resistant silicone scraper (max 280°C/536°F)
  • Organize it your way – matching hanging rack with movable hooks available
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe
  • Height 31.6 cm
  • Width 5.0 cm
  • Depth 1.5 cm

Product Code: 385483