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Portable Air+Surface Sterilizer Versa 25


With Medklinn, you are sterilizing more than just the air! It cleans surfaces, too. The Versa series is versatile, light and easy to carry around. It is powered by USB connection. This model is designed for up to 250 square feet.

The Versa series is versatile, light and easy to carry around.  Versa 25 which is rated to cover up to 250 square feet comes in Rose Gold while Versa 45 covering up to 450 square feet comes in Classic Titanium.

  • STERILIZING MORE THAN JUST THE AIR: As Active Oxygen fills up your living space, it sterilizes your air and especially the surfaces - eliminating allergens, bad odours, bacteria, viruses and moulds on your beds, curtains, sofas and carpet.
  • SUPER LIGHT: The new Medklinn Versa is Super Light. Weighs lighter than a tablet - only 220gram. Take it with you wherever you go ✈
  • SMALL & SLEEK: The new Medklinn Versa is Small & Sleek - making it your Perfect Travel Companion.
  • MINIMAL MAINTENANCE: The new Medklinn Versa is specially designed to require minimal maintenance. You only need to replace cartridge once a year. No cleaning is required.
  • FOR BEST PERFORMANCE: Medklinn works effectively by filling up your living space with Active Oxygen. It performs best when all windows and doors are closed 24/7, to keep in the Active Oxygen and keep out the pollution.
Two ways to power the unit: 
1. USB Power Adaptor 
2. USB power source (5V2.4A) - Powerbank - Notebook - Other USB power source Important: Power banks come with many different specifications. While some are mislabelled, the minimum specification to power the Versa is 2A. However, you might want to try the following if the Versa suddenly stop functioning after you have plugged on the power bank.

Step 1: Try plugging in different ports on the power bank, if available. 
Step 2: Let the unit rest for at least 3 minutes and repeat Step 1 again.
Note: Ensure that the power bank is full before trying the steps above.

Color: Rosegold
Warranty: 1 year