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Simply Modular

Plex 2-Level Shelving System (New Colors!)


How do you make a design stand the hard test of time? It’s easy, just go for a perfect balance between functionality and form - voila Plex by Simply Modular. Plex is designed to be elegant and minimalist that could be mounted on any wall.

  • Size of Plex Panel: 40 x 20 cm (L x W)
  • Size of Plex Shelves: 60 x 20 cm (L x W)
    • Weight capacity: 20kg (if screwed)


  • 2 Powdercoated Metal Plex Panel 
  • 2 Plex Wooden Shelves (Engineered MDF)
  • 8 Shelf hook
  • 4 Screws + Tox
  • Portable Leveler
What's the main difference between Plex 2 and Plex 3?
  • Plex 2 and 3 differs with the numbers of shelves (boards) and length of panel (only white is currently available).
  • Plex 2 has 2 shelves - length of panel is 60cm.
  • Plex 3 has 3 shelves - length of panel is 75cm.