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Personalized Spruce Tea Towel & Scent Set


A personalized gift set that includes a hand towel, Florentina scented reed diffuser with wicker coaster, a vanilla scented soy candle with wicker sleeve and a small antique wicker box. Initial to be embroidered on the hand towel includes only 1 letter per set. This item is made to order.

If the item is not available, leadtime is 2-4 weeks leadtime. We will inform you via email for the estimated delivery date.

  •  1 pc. Hand Towel w/ Embroidered Initial (large font)
  •  1 pc. Reed Diffuser with Wicker Coaster (Florentina Scent)
  •  1 pc. Soy Candle with Wicker Sleeve (Vanilla Scent)
  •  1 pc. Small Anique Wicker Giftbox   
Soy Candle Scent: Vanilla
Reed Diffuser Scent: Florentina (fruity & floral scent)

NOTE: only 1 letter initial per set for orders of 2 or more sets, please separate each letter with a comma
Basket Size: 10" L x 6" W x 5" H
Soy Candle: 200 ml
Reed Diffuser: 50 ml

This item is proudly made of natural materials so each piece will have its unique look. Actual size, color and look may vary slightly to the picture.

Care Instructions for Basket: 
  1. Regularly wipe it with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth to keep it clean.
  2. Avoid getting it soaked. If it does get wet, quickly wipe it off.
  3. You may also expose it under the sun or use a hairdryer. 
  4. If used as a planter, place a plant saucer / water catcher to protect the basket.
  5. Not advisable for outdoor use.