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PE Mat - Reyple


A fun and safe addition for your little one is this PE mat from Foldaway. Designed with a natural pattern that has a good effect on a child’s cognitive development process, it is also waterproof and easy to clean. Included a non-slip function on the surface of each side.

  • Fabric Sensitivity Design: It is a nature pattern that has a good effect on children’s cognitive development process.
  • Convenient cleaning and waterproof coating: It is treated with a waterproof coating, so it can be easily cleaned as well as waterproof. A special embossing process provides a superior cushion layer with less pollution.
  • Non-slip Function: To increase the safety of the mat, the non-slip function is added on the bottom surface. In addition, it has been manufactured to be safe for long-term use of the product through precise finishing process
Size: 2000(W) x 1500(L)mm×14 (T)mm / 200 x 150 x 1.4 cm
Material: PE Foam
Color: Rose Quartz / Reyple
Weight: 4.5 kg