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Pauline Candle & Flower Holder


Handwoven by local artisans, the Pauline holder is versatile for candles, flowers or other knickknacks.

Can be used as flower & candle holder.   
Candle not included.   
Dried Flower is not included.   
If items is for pre-order/not available/customized, 2-4 weeks lead time.   

Color Basket Description: Natural Wicker with white accent paint

Dimensions: 4" L X 4" W X 3.75" H

Each piece is handmade using natural materials so each will have its own unique look. Actual size, color and look may vary slightly from the picture. Sizes may vary by 1”-3”.

A little reminder: All designs are by C&C and are protected by law. Kindly refrain from having our designs copied or buying from copycats. We are only a small business and coming up with new designs take a lot of time & energy so it breaks our heart when our designs are copied. Thank you for understanding.