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Origami Ring Holders, Set of 3


A whimsical yet modern animal ring holder that keeps multiple rings safe and accessible. Constructed of zinc and sporting a shiny chrome-plated finish, these petite, yet sturdy animal ring holders complement many interior spaces. Despite their compact size, these figurines can house eight or more rings. Handy and charming at a bedside table, kitchen sink, or bathroom countertop, these ring holders make an excellent party favor for multiple occasions. The bottom surface of the figurines have a felt liner to prevent scratching the surface they sits on. This origami-inspired series contains ring holders shaped like a rabbit, bird, swan and elephant.

  • Holds Multiple Rings: Each Origami ring holder has enough room to keep several rings of various sizes 
  • Playful Origami Shape: Each holder is shaped like an origami animal; includes a swan, elephant, bird and rabbit 
  • Compact Size For Small Spaces: Origami ring holders are petite and take up very little space compared to a conventional ring box or jewelry tray 
  • Shiny Metal Finish: Origami’s sparkling finish is easy to dust and wipe clean  

Additional Information 
Product Length (Inches) Product Width (Inches) Product Height (Inches) 4.13 2.75 3.75
Product Weight (Lbs) 0.54