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Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit


It’s hard to imagine a cocktail more iconic than the Old Fashioned. A beautifully simple concoction of good bourbon, simple syrup, bitters and a twist of citrus on ice. Perfection. It has as much a place in Prohibition-era speakeasies as it does in the hot clubs of today. Now, you can have everything you need to make a fantastic Old Fashioned with our cocktail kit. It contains Wild Turkey Bourbon 81, a Muddler bar spoon, our Japanese Jigger, a couple of rocks glasses and a bottle of Angostura Bitters -- all you need for an Old Fashioned with a foundation for plenty more cocktails besides.

  • 1 Muddler Barspoon
  • 1 750ml Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon
  • 2 Rocks Glasses
  • 1 Japanese Jigger 1oz/2oz
  • 2 Mini Angostura Bitters Bottle