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Muttress (Small)


Made with highly resilient and durable foam, the Muttress provides the right support and comfort without flattening over time. It is practical sleep solution that is easy to maintain and a rewarding for both you and your pet

Your Best Friend’s Plush Retreat

  • Soft, durable foam for secure and supported sleep 

  • Sewn-in center designed for the most comfortable nesting position

No Stress with the Muttress

  • Removable & washable cover that repels dirt & spills

  • Extra-tough fabric to withstand digging and dream running

  • Sewn-in center for comfortable nesting

  • Metal zipper pull tucked away from naughty chewers

Best for: 

  • Dogs that like soft surfaces

  • Dogs that sleep spread out or on their backs

  • Humans that like to share their dog's bed