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Monster Kids 4-Piece Cutlery Set


Bring fun to the table with the Monsterkids and Monsterbaby line of tableware. This set includes a plate, cup and utensils perfect for children 12 months and older. Available in two colors.

Polypropylene plate with rubber detailing. 
Polypropylene cup with handles and polypropylene protective lid with detailed sand silicone spout 
Stainless steel tableware with polypropylene handles.

  • Products for children 12 months or older. 
  • Be careful when handling the fork because it is a drilling product. 
  • Before the first use, wash the pieces well and dry them. 
  • These products can be taken to the dishwasher - except the glass - but we do not recommend using abrasive products such as polishers, hard sponges or aluminum. Dry them well before storing them. 
  • Products suitable for microwaves. Except for covers and parts of the glass (before using it, carefully read the instructions in the attached manual). 
  • Tramontina recommends using the microwave to heat quickly, at most, for 45 seconds. 
  • To dispose of the products and packaging, follow the current recycling guidelines.

  • For your child's health and safety, always use products under adult supervision. 
  • Do not use a product if it appears damaged or defective. Always check food temperature before feeding.

Weight: 0.31 kg
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 290 x 235 x 145 mm