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Mixer Set


Build and stir your craft cocktails with these copper essentials. Mixing set includes a Japanese-inspired jigger, a trident barspoon, a durable mixing glass and Julep strainer. Available in two colors: gold and copper. Prices start at Php6,795.

Set includes a 1/2oz-3/4oz Japanese jigger, 40cm trident barspoon, Padoru mixing glass and Julep strainer.  
  • Inspired by the traditional Japanese design, the Trident barspoon is not only intended for stirring but also doubles as a fork for grabbing garnishes with ease. Made with smooth coil and stretches 40 cm long. 
  • Julep strainers fits large and standard mixing glasses. Made with fine tight coil.
  • Japanese-inspired jiggers are plated inside and out.
  • Padoru mixing glass features a seamless laser cut body. Capacity: 500ml.
  • Colors: Gold / Copper