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Mixcolor 5-Piece Cutting Boards With Holder


Every meal can be a small party. When we serve and prepar snacks and quick bites, the lively colors of the bowls and containers makes puddings, salads, desserts, and delicacies more attractive. Informality, practicality, beauty, and elegance to enjoy and store food. The line have antimicrobial protection prevents and reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi. This technology is incorporated during the manufacturing process and lasts throughout the product's life, but it does not eliminate the need to clean it thoroughly.

Main Functions and Benefits
  • Polypropylene board.
  • ABS holder.
Recommendations for Use
  • Before the first use, wash pieces thoroughly and dry them.
  • The boards are dishwasher safe. However, when hand washed, use a soft sponge and mild detergent. Do not use alcohol or abrasive materials.
  • As with any plastic board, the use of knives will scratch the surface during use.
  • To clean the holder, use a soft sponge and neutral detergent only.
  • For a longer lasting product, we recommend drying it well before storing.
  • To discard products and packaging, follow existing recycling guidelines.

  • 1 x L:29cm W:20cm H0.7cm (Blue)
  • 1 x L:29cm W:20cm H0.7cm (Red)
  • 1 x L:29cm W:20cm H0.7cm (Green)
  • 1 x L:29cm W:20cm H0.7cm (White)
  • 1 x L:23.5cm W:7.4cm H:17.3 cm (Grey)

Weight: 1,44 kg