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Mini Mechanical Rice Cooker 0.4L RK1721


The TEFAL MINI Rice Cooker ensures delicious rice cooked to perfection, with the ideal capacity for small portions and easy results every day. This 2-cup compact rice cooker is ideal for daily use, with a durable non-stick cooking pot and one-button control that couldn't be easier to master.

Upgrade your daily cooking with the TEFAL MINI Rice Cooker, the delicious way to enjoy perfect small portions with a compact format and dependable performance every day. This mini rice cooker is equipped with enhanced features and design that are optimal for daily use. The 2-cup capacity ensures delicious fresh rice cooked to perfection, with a durable non-stick cooking pot and one-button control that produce an easier rice-cooking experience. The streamlined compact format takes up less counter space and offers hassle-free storage options, while the non-stick surface and removable inner lid make clean-up a breeze. Ensuring exceptional flavor and texture every time, this compact rice cooker is made for all your favorite rice varieties: white/basmati rice as a side dish for a wide variety of dishes, jasmine or Thai rice to round off mouth-watering Asian meals, or even more specialized varieties like sticky rice or quinoa.

  • Perfect size for small portions The smart compact design offers the ideal portions to enjoy all your favorite rice varieties every day, with a 0.4 L capacity for 2 cups of delicious rice cooked to perfection.
  • Easy to use The non-stick cooking pot and one-button control ensure perfect rice made easy, with effortless clean-up to round off the package.
  • Easy to store Experience the convenience of a streamlined compact format and removable power cord, offering storage that couldn't be easier.
  • Easy to clean the removable inner lid makes clean-up a breeze, for a rice cooker that's designed for daily use.

Reference: RK172165