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Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Newborn Pillow


Not too big, not to small but just right for a pint sized person. This sleeping mat is designed to be everything your little person needs from their first pillow.

  • Mat and cover are made from materials that are naturally resistant to bacteria. 
  • Soft touch cotton cover, gentle on sensitive skin. 
  • Moisture absorbing fibres that get rid of build up around your baby's head e.g. Sweat, droll & spilled milk that not only irritates their skin, but can be a potential choking hazard. 
  • Free from harsh chemicals (you know that horrible smell that some pillows have when you open them from their bag...our don't have that
  • Cover : 96% Cotton, 4% Viscose (CRABYARN®) 
  • Foam Shell : 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton 
  • Foam : 100% Hydrophilic Polyurethane (Wellbeing Foam)
Size: 40L(cm) x 30W(cm) x 2.5H (cm)
Product Code: 16402

Care Instructions:
Cleaning : Wipe off stains on the surface then spray with clean water and pat dry with a dry cloth or paper towel, repeat until clean then air dry in the shade and away from sunlight. Please note that the foam is not washable, spot clean only. 
Washing : Outer covers can be removed and hand washed. 
Yellowing : This range does not contain brightening agents. Yellowing after prolonged use is normal and does not affect product performance or foam longevity.