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Manual Chopper


Chop ingredients in no time for healthy, homemade meals – fast. Fast, effortless chopping using the in-lid patented boost system – no electricity needed! Efficient and consistent results thanks to two independent blades, plus blade guide. Comfortable to use with a clear bowl, soft-touch handle, locking lid and non-slip base. Easy to clean thanks to the washable lid, and dishwasher-safe bowl and blades.

  • Time saving: Just pull the handle to trigger the patented boost system. This spins the blades at speed, chopping fruit, vegetables, boneless meat, herbs and nuts in seconds. No electricity needed!
  • Efficient: The two ultra-resistant stainless-steel blades chop any kind of food and work independently for more efficient results. A smart blade guide keeps ingredients moving for consistent cutting.
  • Customised results: The number of times the handle is pulled determines how coarsely or finely food is chopped. The crystal-clear bowl lets you monitor chopping size.
  • Safety first: With a soft-touch handle for comfortable chopping, locking lid for safety and non-slip base for stability.
  • Easy cleaning: The 500ml family-sized bowl and blades are dishwasher friendly, while the lid can be washed quickly in the sink.