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Le Petit 4-Piece Child's Set


Tramontina's Le Petit is a delicate and functional children's line inspired by timeless toys like a sail boat and a stuffed toy. All pieces are designed ergonomically and created not to release any residues on food keeping it safe and healthy. Set includes a placemat, utensils and bowl. Available in two designs appropriate for boys and girls.

  • Suitable for several children's stages from their first babyfood until the time they use the cutlery and eat alone
  • Highly durable, keeps original features preserving looks, hygiene and durability of material. 
  • Ergonomic shape and varying pattern, specially created toencourage and help children's development. 
  • Shiny finish, with options for boys and girls. 
  • It is safe for daily dishwasher use.

  • Stainless steel cutlery. 
  • Round dish of ceramic. 
  • Non-slip towel.

  • Use only detergent and a soft sponge. Other types of product, such as steel wool, might scratch or damage the shine of the tableware. 
  • Rinse each piece well in order to completely remove the residue of the cleaning products that are abrasive and can damage stainless steel. 
  • Use warm water whenever possible as it renews the cutlery shine. 
  • After washing, dry the tableware immediately otherwise the chemical substances in water (chlorine) can stain the tableware. 
  • Do not allow the tableware to rub againsteach other during washing and storage in order to prevent scratches. 
  • Do not allow the tableware to come in contact with any hot surfaces. This can discolor the tableware. 
  • Do not store the tableware in humid places, as it can cause stains. 

Weight: 0.56 kg
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 290 x 235 x 80 mm