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Keep-it-Klean Pacifier - Mario Monkey


RazBaby pacifiers are made with a soft orthodontic silicone nipple that is symmetrical, and made to flex comfortably in the child's mouth. The attached shield is contoured to fit against the child's face, and has ventilation holes that help keep the baby's delicate skin from being irritated. Although the shield of the RazBaby pacifier automatically closes once the pacifier is removed from the baby's mouth, the company states that the shield does not, pinch, or apply any pressure when in use. The sensitivity to motion is what allows this pacifier to have the "Keep-It-Kleen" technology. Available in other designs.

With RazBaby Pacifiers, there is no need to hunt around for lost pacifier covers, or fret about how to clean one that your baby has just dropped. In addition, you can feel good about the orthodontic silicone that is used in this product. This material allows the use of these pacifiers without the worry of future gum, and teeth problems from using it. Even more appealing is the fact that these pacifiers are BPA free. You can rest easy that your baby is not getting the harmful effects from the use of these pacifiers. In addition to these facts, there are many pleasing colors, and interesting designs from which to choose.

  • Nipple stays clean - Closes when dropped
  • Cleaner and healthier for baby
  • 0-36 months
  • BPA Free
  • Silicone Orthodontic Nipple
  • Shield are attached to pacifier - No more lost covers!
  • Pacifier is permanently personalized with your babies name
  • Stylish, comfortable and ultra functional
  • Plastic made in USA
  • Conforms to US Consumer & Product Safety Commission requirements
  • Conforms to EU standards for pacifiers