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Inkredibles Invisible Ink Game Books Roarsome Dinosaurs


Let your child discover the totally awesome Inkredibles! They will love revealing their favourite dinosaurs and prehistoric pals, as well as puzzles and answers with the amazing Invisible Ink pen. This book is features puzzles, mazes, games and more that come to life when the mess-free invisible Ink pen runs across the page. With hours of entertainment for your child, the Inkredible technology keeps the magical fun on the page and off everything else!

Use your mess-free invisible ink marker to magically reveal hidden pictures and puzzles!

Age Suitability: 4-7 years old

Dimensions Per Book: 25.60 x 15.70 x 0.40 cm
No. of Pages Per Book: 12 sheets + invisible ink marker
Type: Paperback
Publishing House: Igloo Books
Inclusion: 1 book