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Infuse Two-Way Lid Water Vessel, 32oz


Need a little more excitement than plain old water? Add a little fruit infusion, or fill up with sparkling water.

  • Removable infusion basket for fruit and veggies. Bonus: drop in most Aladdin bottles and tumblers for a healthy flavor boost.
  • Carbonation friendly. Designed to contain your fav fizzy drinks on the go.
  • Two-way dome lid. Remove dome to add ice or clean, twist off cap to sip.
  • Made with Tritan™ plastic. Won’t crack, break, or stain.
  • Leak proof. Keep drinks where they belong.
  • Dishwasher safe because who wants to scrub?
  • BPA-free because that stuff’s not good for you.

Product Specs
  • Capacity:32 oz
  • Weight:0.55 lbs
  • Dimensions:7.00L x 7.00W x 12.00H in
  • Color: Orchid/Periwinkle
  • Material: Durable Tritan™ Plastic
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