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Hydro Kettle


Introducing our new set of products, our Electric Kettle Collection. Offering necessary solutions to improve your family living spaces.

Hydro Kettle Cordless Electric Kettle 1.5L

  • 1.5L MAXIMUM CAPACITY. Can prepare more than 6 cups of hot water for your beverage or food.
  • FAST BOILING. Easy boiling versus water heating using a traditional kettle on the cooking range. 
  • AUTO-OFF FUNCTION. Safe and convenient as the kettle automatically turns off when water is boiling.
  • STAINLESS STEEL HEATING ELEMENT. Equipped with sustainable, hygienic, stain and rustproof stainless steel heating element.
  • LIFETIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT.Our technicians offer the best technical and installation support even remotely.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY. All our customers enjoy a 1-year warranty for all our products.