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HD3030 Rice Cooker


The 1.5mm 5-layer golden inner pot is able to distribute heat evenly, bringing out the best taste of rice. 1.0 L Capacity. Built with 3 food menus.

Key features include:
  • 600W
  • 1L (6cups)
  • 5 layer 1.5mm non-stick inner pot
  • golder coated inner pot LCD display
  • auto keep warm
  • quick cooking
  • reheat back up memory
  • timer
  • adj. cooking time
  • detachable inner lid
  • steam vent
  • detachable cord
  • water level indicator
  • Accessories-soup scoop, rice scoop, measuring cup, steam tray

Dimensions: (l x w x h)377 x 245 x 210 mm
Weight: 3.0 kg
Warranty: 2 years