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HD2137 Viva Collection All-in-One Cooker


Built with an intelligent cooking system, this all-in-one cooker allows you to slow cook, saute and sear, tenderize meats, and the list goes on.

Key features below: 
  • Slow cook with high & low temperature up to 12 hours 
  • Saute/Sear with high & low temperature 
  • Pressure cook with various direct menu buttons
  • Multi cook menus with recommended cooking time 
  • Automatic keep warm for 12 hours, reheat functions
  • Easy to control cooking progress 
  • Easy to program timer indicates the cooking progress
  • Durable and non-stick inner pot 
  • Easy-to-clean detachable inner lid design
  • Auto pressure release to ensure safety 
  • 9 safety protection systems
Dimensions (l x h x d):  inches
Capacity: 6  L
Warranty: 2years