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HD01 Supersonic™ Hair Dryer


The exclusive black and purple gift edition includes a Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer presentation box designed by James Dyson. Stitched in purple, cushioned with soft fabric and secured by a magnetic clasp.


  • Engineered for balance: We've turned convention on its head and put the motor in the handle. Completely rebalancing the dryer's weight and shape.
  • Fast drying: Drying shouldn't take forever. For fast drying you need controlled, high velocity airflow
  • Helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect natural shine: Air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control.
  • Cool to touch: With Heat Shield technology, the surfaces of the attachments stay cool. Even during close-up styling.
  • Styling made simple: The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer comes with rotating magnetic attachments – so you can adjust quickly and easily.
  • The Dyson Styling concentrator: With the Dyson Styling concentrator, you can shape your hair one section at a time – without worrying about disturbing the rest.
  • The Dyson diffuser: The Dyson diffuser disperses air evenly around your curls, helping to reduce frizz and improve definition
  • The Dyson Smoothing nozzle: The Dyson Smoothing nozzle dries hair gently using smooth, wide air.
  • Controlled by just four buttons: 3 precise speed settings, Fast drying, Regular drying and Styling, 4 precise heat settings, 100°C Fast drying and styling, 80°C Regular drying, 60°C Gentle drying, 28 °C Constant cold, Sliding on/off switch, Easy to clean, Simply twist and release to clean the filter

Weight: 659 g

Cord Length: 2.7 m

Power (watts): 1600 watts

Dimensions (mm): 245 x 78 x 97 mm (H x W x D)

Airflow (las): 41 Litre per second

Negative ions: Helps reduce static

What's in the box:

  • Dyson Supersonic™ Black/Purple Hair Dryer
  • Premium Black Box
  • Diffuser
  • Styling concentrator
  • Smoothing nozzle
  • Storage hanger
  • Non slip mat

Warranty: 2 years