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Harmoniza Wine Bottle Stopper


The pleasure of harmonizing cheeses and wines with the Tramontina signature. From bottle openers and corkscrews to foil cutters, bottle stoppers, drip-free wine pourers and much more, the Harmoniza line offers all the items necessary for enhancing the most tempting aromas of each terroir and appreciating the flavor of the best moments in life.

  • Stainless steel and nylon stopper with silicone o-ring. 
  • Accessory to close leftover wine bottles before refrigerating.
  • Position the stopper on the lip of the bottle and push down until the bottle is sealed.
Inclusions: 1 x Harmoniza Wine Bottle Stopper
Packaging dimensions (length x width x height): 90x 35x 165 mm.
Product dimensions (length x width x height): 92x 23x 19 mm.