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Hand-Crocheted Glass Huggers Set of 6


Set of 6 crocheted glass huggers to add warmth to your tabletop. Designed for water glasses and other tumblers. Choose from a bevy of color ways!

NOTE: If item is readily available, we can ship out within 3 - 8 working days. If not, lead time is 3 weeks as each item is lovingly handwoven by the women of Gawad Kalinga. 

Note: Set includes 8 coasters, all of the same color. Ideal for glasses with 3"-3.5" diameter opening
Colors: Pink, Seafoam, Yellow
Size: Approx 3" diameter

Pieces are hand-crocheted by the women of Aya's Gawad Kalinga Village. This provides livelihoods, and brighter futures for their families. Milvidas products are made with love for your home and bring hope to the homes of many mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters.