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Joseph Joseph

Go-to Gadgets 2-Piece Food Preparation Set (Mandoline & Grater)


This colourful set features two handy food preparation gadgets. With Multi-Grip Mandoline™ you can create even slices of fruit or vegetables quickly and safely. Multi-Grate™ is a compact grater that features two styles of grating blade in one design, saving valuable drawer space.

  • Includes mandoline and grater
  • Mandoline features precision food grip with three styles of grip: pinch grip for small items; Centre grip for round slices; Flat grip for longer slices
  • Sharp stainless-steel blade with adjustable slice thickness
  • Grater features course and fine stainless-steel blades with protective sheath for safe storage
  • Non-slip tip for stable grating
Color: Multi-Color
Weight: 0.9kg