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Garlic Chives D-I-Y Garden Kit


Dating back to 3000 BC, garlic chives have been cultivated in Ancient China, and presently, has become a culinary staple, hence its nickname, “Chinese chives.” Characterized by its flat, long, blue-green leaves, it is also popular in Europe, where it has frequented gardens since the 16th century. This kit includes seeds, a coconut husk pot, pebbles, organic fertilizer, potting mix and an instruction manual.

Common Name: Garlic Chives
Botanical Name: Allium tuberosum
Plant Type: Herb
Growth Cycle: Perennial
Light Requirement: At Least 6 Hours a Day
Germination: 10-15 Days
Maturity: 60-100 Days
Harvest: 75-190 Days

Box Dimensions (L x W x H): 125 x 125 x 150 cm
Weight: 0.70 kg
Inclusions: DIY Garden Kit x 1

If the kit is planted within 60 days of purchase and seeds do not sprout, a new batch of seeds will be delivered for free.

Qubo is a local brand of DIY garden kit that provides a delightfully convenient gardening experience by fitting all the components one needs to create their very own edible herb garden in one elegantly packaged box. It can serve as the perfect gift or giveaway to first-time or experienced gardeners, and enthusiastic city-dwellers of all ages.