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Front Ease Teether


Brush-Baby FrontEase Teether is specially designed to provide comfort during early teething.

Brush-Baby FrontEase Teether supports the transition from sucking to chewing. The Textured biting surface is shaped to fit inside a small mouth providing relief for front emerging teeth. Textured massaging bristles to soothe gums and clean tiny front teether once they arrive. A smear of Brush-Baby Teething Toothpaste can be put on the biting surface to sooth. Removable cap for Hygiene. Can be cooled in the fridge.

Why You’ll Love it:

  •  Textured biting surface to massage sore gums
  •  Ergonomically designed to fit inside a small baby’s mouth
  •  Designed for early teething
  •  Sooth & Massage front teeth
  •  Supports the transition from sucking to chewing
  •  Can be cooled in the fridge
  •  Soft silicone nobbled biting surface
  •  Removable cap for hygiene
  •  Loop for soother clip
  •  Dishwasher and Steam Sterilizer safe
  •  Available in: Pink and Teal
  •  Suitable for 3+ months