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Focus On Series - Wild Animals


How intelligent are elephants? What do vultures eat? Bursting with bite-sized facts, illustrations and diagrams, this engaging 64-page book contains answers to all the questions you always wanted to ask about wild animals – and more!

Interesting facts such as why was the Taj Mahal built, how was the Golden Gate Bridge constructed, what were the ‘hanging gardens’, or what is the world’s tallest building can be read in this book. Written to tackle all about the wonders of the world and many more. You'll be filled with 64 pages of bite-sized facts, brilliant illustrations and diagrams to walk you through all about these incredible structures. 

Dimensions Per Book: 23 x 21 x 1 cm
No. of Pages Per Book: 64 pp + 8 end pp
Type: Hardback
Publishing House: Igloo
Inclusion: 1 book