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Fascination Whiskey Glass Set of 6


Our whiskey glass from the Fascination series emphasizes the aromas of whiskeys that have been stored for a long time - from mild and creamy to rough and bitter-salty to typically peaty. For the perfect whiskey enjoyment.

Brand: Schott Zwiesel

Item number: 121667

Height: 92 mm

EAN 4001836109970

6pcs Whiskey Glass

Zwiesel Glas, formerly known as Schott Zwiesel, features crystal glasses that are lead free. They are break, chip and scratch-resistant crystal. It also resists etching, clouding and discoloration. All manufactured using patented Tritan titanium technology. With over a hundred and thirty years of experience, indeed Zwiesel Glas manufactures the World's best crystal glass. Made in Germany.