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Easy Rice Plus Rice Cooker 1.8L RK736B65


With Tefal Easy Rice Plus Rice Cooker, perfect rice is easy. It features Tefal's exclusive spherical pot and AI Smart Cooking technology for tasty, fluffy rice at the touch of a button. From cooking to clean-up, every step is a breeze, thanks to an intuitive control panel,11 pre-set programs and so much more.

Tefal EASY RICE PLUS cooks your tasty & fluffy rice at a touch of the button! Unique combination of Tefal exclusive Spherical Pot and AI Smart Cooking Technology ensures evenly cooked rice every time to bring you perfect taste of rice.  Its intuitive large control panel makes cooking  just so easy!  Clean is also a breeze thanks to its nonstick cooking pot and removable inner lid. 11 cooking programs put unlimited possibilities within reach, with enough choices to please the entire family, from different varieties of rice (jasmine rice, white rice, brown rice andglutinous rice ) to steam dishes, congee, slow cook, etc.  Its thick inner pot with 5mm rolling edge make the pot super resistant and durable. 

  • TASTY & FLUFFY RICE: Tefal's exclusive spherical pot ensures optimal heat circulation and diffusion for evenly cooked rice—and flavorful, fluffy results.
  • AI SMART COOKING TECHNOLOGY: Thanks to AI Smart Cooking technology, the rice cooker can automatically adjusting cooking time and temperature to ensure better taste and texture.
  • Easy to use: Enjoy delicious meals at the touch of a button, via a large user-friendly control panel with intuitive graphics.
  • Easy to clean: The non-stick cooking pot and removable inner lid promise fast, easy clean-up.
  • Numerious recipes: 11 convenient pre-set programs to enrich your daily meals: white rice, jasmine rice, brown rice, glutinous rice, clay pot, congee, soup, quick cook, steam, slow cook, reheat.
  • Durable cooking pot: The durable cooking pot features a 4-layer construction and 5mm rolling edge
  • Super convenient : Digital display with 24h preset and timer function
  • 12H Keep warm: Enjoy fresh rice at any time of the day

Reference: RK736B65


  • Inner Bowl Coating: Nonstick
  • Bowl Layers: 4
  • Bowl Thickness: 2mm
  • Spherical Bowl
  • Display Timer
  • Delayed Start
  • Fuzzy Technology
  • Reheat
  • 11 Cooking Programs
  • Bowl Capcity: 1.8L
  • Control Panel
  • Automatic Keep Warm
  • Removable Cord
  • Removable Bowl
  • 750W
  • On/Off Switch
  • Accessories: Measuring Cup, Rice Spatula, Soup Spoon, Steam Basket