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Easy Doing Baby Potty


The iFam Easy Toddler Training Potty is a child toilet training seat potty that will help them to explore and enjoy the process of potty training! Designed to resemble an adult toilet which will reduce resistance later when using adult toilet seats. Includes a seat tailored to small and cute hip line with smooth curve edge, and also includes a real toilet flush with sound. Recommended for toddlers 2 years old and above.


  • Back support
  • Toilet seat is ergonomically designed for little bums
  • Potty holder has urine leak prevention feature
  • Toilet lid and flush button (requires 2 AAA batteries) to mimic real adult toilets
  • Non-slip points on seat and base of the potty
  • Removable potty holder can easily be washed
  • Recommended for ages 2 years +
  • Sold individually

Dimension: 400L x 285 W x 465 H mm

Color: Grey / Pink